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The Honeydukes Trapdoor

The Honeydukes Trapdoor(obsessive HP fans)
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Obsess: preoccupy; fill the mind of a person continually

This is a community for obsessive Harry Potter fans! Are you obsessive over Harry Potter? Then join!

This comm is INVITE ONLY, to keep it to the more obsessive fans, therefore, to be a member, you have to apply!

Applying is simple enough! Simply e-mail one of the founders or leave a comment in one of our Live Journals. You will then be subjected to a very scientific method of seeing if you make the cut, (We look at your journal, interests, and webpage if you have it) and if you do, we'll add you!

So, if you're obsessed enough, we hope to bring you into Pepperimps!

Thank you.

The Obsessive Founders,

What can you post? Anything. Just as long as its on topic.

Also, pepperimps is a shipping-friendly community, though we heartily encourage more sleuthy discussion. We won't kick you out for talking about HP pairings, nor will we delete posts in support of most ships (please do post with discresion, as our members are of many ages and attitudes!). We would, however, discourage ship rants. Save those for the shipping communities. Thanks!
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