Kate the Great (katethegreatest) wrote in pepperimps,
Kate the Great

From hp_fridayfive:

1. Do you think Dumbledore, ultimately, did the right thing by leaving Harry with the Dursleys when he was a baby?
2. What minor, non-Voldemort-related plot would you most like to see revisited?
3. Which character do you think would be most likely to betray others in their organisation (be it the Order, the DA, or even the Death Eaters)?
4. Will the climax of book 7 be an epic battle? If not, then what?
5. Will you be there for the release of book 7 at midnight?

119 days, 13 hours, and 55 minutes!

My mom's been hooked, she's finally pre-ordering her own copy.
I've actually got them pre-ordered in two different states.... :-/ But I must be ready for anything!
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