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Seton Hill Rocks, and Here's Why

Um, I think my school beats katethegreatest's school. And here's why.

Yes, she has her HP Appreciate Club, which roxorz muchly (considering she's the founder!), but SHU still wins for the following reasons:

1. It looks like Hogwarts.
2. They are the Red and Gold Gryffins
3. Their 2005 Homecoming? Included a Harry Potter Brunch, where people dressed up and were even given awards for best costumes.
4. Dr. Jerz (the journalism Professor) is Lupin. Seriously. He is Lupin. $100 says he's a friggin' werewolf.

And that's why my Uni brings all the dorks to the yard. Damn right, it's better than yours. ;)

But with Kate at Wheaton, I know they'll catch up soon. The joys of college! *hugs to Kate*

And that's my little...showoffiness.

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