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Yay for geeking out!!! (x-posted from katethegreatest)

Well, I figure I ought to give at least a little update that actually updates more than saying I am alive and life is fantastic (which, in case you were wondering, I typed while kneeling on the floor and leaning over the person actually sitting at the computer. It was rather difficult.)

I shall write about Friday, because it was teh fun.

OK. First off. Harry Potter Appreciation Club started meeting. Yay!! It ended up being half a dozen of us down in Dows Lounge, from like 3:30 until almost five. It was really quite informal, but ohh the geeky joy. Turns out at least 4 of us were fans of Cassandra Claire... I so wish I were as fandomly famous as her. Wonderful fanfic writer. Man. And yeah. The geeking out sort of leaked over into other fandoms from time to time, as would be expected. But wow. What a fun time!

After that, Brandon and I got brown bags for dinner and had a little picnic by the pond. I met a couple of his friends, they seem nice.
We saw the geese arrive!!!!!!! It was so cool. :) The first geese of the spring. :) Yayyy.

(I also saw a couple of dandelions on Friday, too. :) Over by the library.)

That is to say...
WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!
I know we both own GoF on DVD already, but IMAX! WHOOO HOOO!!!!! (psst... morgaine723... thanks for the heads up on that one! :)) It was playing on the dome IMAX at the science center in Cedar Rapids. Ohhh how fantastic. On a dome! So big. So big. It wasn't up over our heads (probably fortunately), ohh so big though. So big! I tried to look at the scenery a lot. So cool. A far, far cheaper trip to Scotland. :)
And? Brandon is the most amazing driver ever. Mad skills. Completely avoided the famous Cedar Rapids Smells. No idea how. No idea how. But so amazing. Wow. :)

THEN! As it was Remus Lupin's birthday and I had that morning discovered a heck of a lot of chocolate my mom had sent me a few weeks ago that I had completely forgotten about, and obviously Lupin loves chocolate... birthday party! Birthday party for Remus Lupin!
And then of course I had to call Moony (firebread) to wish her a happy birthday and let her know we were celebrating. :) Yayyy so happy!

So, basically, Friday was a fantastic day of geeky joy. Ohhh happy. Happy happy happy. Ohh yes. :)
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