Kate the Great (katethegreatest) wrote in pepperimps,
Kate the Great

The fates are with me!

Oh, how wonderful is my life. Oh yes.

Professors are coming out of nowhere professing their love of Harry Potter to me.

(Haha. Professors are professing. Hahaha.)

I just got an email from a Professor James Stout. I looked him up in the trusty Cornell catalog and he's a professor of economics & business.


I’m an avid Harry Potter fan.

Prof. Stout

So with what else could I reply but,

Professor Stout,

That's wonderful. Would you like to be our faculty advisor?


I was going to ask my own advisor, but she didn't go sending me an email like that. And I'm not sure how long she's going to be here.

And Professor Lisa sent me an email yesterday being all excited and such.

So, we'll just have to see what, if anything, Professor Stout wanted.

But all of this is really going very smoothly for me.
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