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Because Kate the Great asked!

Kate asked me to talk about what TWH was so that she could use it for her project and since I had promised her these pictures a few days ago (sorry, Kate!), I figured I could just throw up a paragraph here and maybe convince some of you to come to Lumos this July (*pokepoke*).

Alright, so The Witching Hour, which took place October 6-10 of 2005 in Salem, Mass, was a Harry Potter convention symposium where about 1,000 adultish HP fans descended upon Salem for four days and created havoc! Ok, we also had a huge amount of awesome events to go to, lectures/roundtables/discussions/presentations to attend, and Quidditch matches to watch, but there was still a lot of havoc :) Each attendee was "sorted" into a House when they checked in on their first day and was given a lanyard that was colored based on their House so that the other people could tell who belonged where. Each House also had a Head of House- Roxanne Conrad was Slytherin, George Plitnik was Ravenclaw, Tony Toledo was Gryffindor, and Vicky Dann was Hufflepuff. Some of you may recognize a couple of those names as the four of them are quite accomplished and pretty famous people! Anyway, the point of having Houses was that throughout the run of TWH, you could win and lose House points by either doing nice things like volunteering, bribing the Prefects (attendees volunteered for this duty in advance) with liquor, or, as was my case, wearing an awesome shirt that a Prefect happened to see one day :). They kept track of the House points by using jelly beans in big jars and at the Leaving Feast on the last day the winning House got the prize of an actual House Cup to take home. Hufflepuff won, by the way. So, as you can tell by my rambling, a lot of the symposium was structured to mimic life as a student at Hogwarts. There was even a Dueling Club game that functioned a lot like that game called "Murder" where you have to sneak up on someone and such. It was fun watching people suddenly break out into a duel in the middle of the street, I must say.

Hmm, what else, what else. I already showed you guys the Quidditch awesomeness (there were both House teams and Professional Teams). There was a Halloween Ball on one of the nights where everyone got dressed up like Muggles and boogied on down. Every night at midnight they showed one of the HP movies in the hotel's ballroom and one night a bunch of the people there busted out and play acted some of the scenes which I hear was really hilarious.

The actual discussions and lectures and such were really great. If you have never been able to sit in a room with 50 other people and discuss the ins and outs of Harry Potter, you are missing out! Intelligent, amusing, and through provoking, most definitely. There were so many, though, that I fear I can't even start talking about specific ones because I will ramble on for pages!

There were also Rooms of Requirement that were set up for specific groups of people. For example, there was a Room of Requirement for each House, a Room of Requirement for all the different ships in fandom, etc. etc. Those were fun because you knew that everyone there loved the stuff you did and you could yammer and giggle about it for hours. Or, as happened in the Remus/Sirius RoR that Amanda and I attended, there was champagne and howling at the moon :)

I guess that is the major stuff, really. There was so much to see and do that my thoughts about it are all jumped and crazy and everytime I think of something, something else pops into my head and I want to talk about that. Really, in general, TWH was just a great time where a huge number of HP fans that were over a certain age could discuss and enjoy HP. There was never a boring moment, I assure you of that!

If anyone is interested in the next event being put together by HPEF, who put together TWH and the first gathering, Nimbus, why don't you stop by the Lumos site and look around. It's taking place this July in LAS VEGAS, woot!

Ok, ok, enough talk out of me. Kate, if you have any more questions I will be home all day so feel free to IM or email away :) And now, for waiting so patiently, have some Harry and the Potters pics like I promised.

Harry and the Potters Harry and the Potters

Aw, yeah. Man, I wish I could have gone, but I was at a Room of Requirement and had to miss out :( All these pics were taken by Amanda.
The cheese stands alone The cheese stands alone

I obviously don't know why there is only one Harry up there, but hey! Look at Tonks!
I think.. I think..

That this is Seventh Year Harry (?) Either way, he likes his guitar.
Hey! Hey!

It's *my* turn to sing.

Come on, tell me it doesn't look like he is about to tackle his brother!
I am so punk rock. I am so punk rock.

I love this picture beyond words, especially when I try to imagine which song he could be singing. Hee.
Ernie! Ernie!

The Asian Hufflepuff drummer!
Voldemort attempts to stop the rock! Voldemort attempts to stop the rock!

In the middle of the song, "Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock" , the evil one did, in fact, think he (yes, I know, ignore the boobs) could interrupt the show.
Get up, Harry! Get up, Harry!

Lest you get confused, Harry did not actually die during the duel. I was told specifically that Voldemort was defeated and the rock, did in fact, continue.
Becca and Amanda with Chris Rankin! Becca and Amanda with Chris Rankin!

Aw, man, *so* bummed I wasn't there! Although, I did ride an elevator with him about five minutes after Amanda and I checked in to the hotel on the first day. I ogled him from my little corner and then got away before he could see me in my "I just drove six hours and look like hell" glory :)

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